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Home & School Board General Information


Home & School Association
Mission & Guiding Principles


•-       To provide our children educational excellence by creating and maintaining an environment which allows our children to grow...mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and individually through a partnership of parents, faculty, and parish

        Guiding Principles

•-       Lead with integrity and be fair in all matters.

•-       Foster direct and open communication among parents, faculty and parish.

•-       Be enthusiastic and actively participate in all school activities.

•-       Understand and embrace our responsibility to the children,

•-       Promote Christian values and Roman Catholic teachings.

•-       Provide a safe environment for our children and faculty.

•-       Recognize, respect and value diversity.

•-       Provide sound and responsible stewardship.

       Home & School Board Meets Monthly

•-       The Principal discusses school business & solicits feedback on emerging opportunities & issues

•-       Plan & Coordinate all H&S sponsored events

•-       H&S board members also assigned to liaise with other parish committees . 

••         Parish Council, Christian Formation, Youth Activity Council, Strategic Planning ,and Technology.

•-       Form ad-hoc committees as needed

•-       Discuss Finances--Proceeds from our events are invested back in the school and a yearly cash contribution is made and is taken into consideration when tuition costs are determined


Incentives to attend H&S meetings


        Tuition Raffle

•-     Raffle entries are distributed at each Home & School General Meeting.

•-     One entry per parent that attends.

•-     Winning entry receive tuition credit for 1 month's child's tuition for 1 child.

•-     Raffle is drawn at the last H&S meeting of the year

     NUT DAY PASS (No Uniform Today)

•-     Children whose parents attend the H&S meetings receive a NUT day pass to be used on a day designated by the school